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 News Details about Suzuki Mehran

Pak Suzuki increases prices of all models

  • 02 Oct 2011
  • Local

After Indus Motor, another carmaker Pak Suzuki Motor Company has raised prices of different models in the range of Rs14,000 to Rs30,000.

The new price of Mehran VX (excluding tax) will be Rs495,000 with an increase of Rs14,000. Mehran VXR will cost Rs547,000 after a rise of Rs14,000. Mehran VX CNG price will be Rs556,000, up Rs19,000 while Mehran VXR CNG will cost Rs605,000, up Rs19,000.

Bolan VX will have a price tag of Rs574,000 (excluding tax) with an increase of Rs14,000 while Bolan VXR will cost Rs633,000 with a rise of Rs14,000. Bolan VX CNG will cost Rs640,000, up Rs19,000 while Bolan VXR CNG will be sold for Rs701,000 after a price increase of Rs19,000. The price tag for Cargo Van will be Rs550,000 following a rise of Rs14,000.

The price of Ravi (excluding tax) has been increased by Rs14,000 to Rs522,000 while Ravi CNG price has risen by Rs19,000 to Rs586,000.

Cultus (price excluding tax) will cost Rs905,000 following an increase of Rs20,000 while Cultus CNG will be sold for Rs965,000, Rs27,000 more than the previous price.

The price of Alto (excluding tax) has been increased by Rs17,000 to Rs707,000 while the CNG version will be available at Rs771,000 with an increase of Rs22,000. The price of Liana RXI (excluding tax) has gone up by Rs30,000 to Rs1.232 million and Liana RXI CNG price has also risen by Rs30,000 to Rs1.301 million.

Swift DX will cost Rs1.03 million after an increase of Rs25,000 while Swift DLX will be available at Rs1.13 million with a rise of Rs25,000.

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Irv , Wow that hurt maybe.Interesting enough, The yognuer generation (not married, under 25 say) Like Crotch rockets in general. Older women like Harley's If Their Older counter parts and friends ride harley's, because that's what they grew up with. And their is a mid range generation that like cruisers such as Honda, Yamaha etc. Its like the group that grew up after Harley lost it's appeal but are a little to old to play with crotch rockets everyday.Now that's 1 persons opinion based on alot of friends and employee's and surely doesn't fit everyone.
Posted By : Hitesh
AoAMy car suzuki kebyhr 94 model is having same problem i.e., missing on CNG. I have changed its plugs and many times got it tuned but of no use, what if i change my ignition coil and where in IBD/RWP i can get it on cheap rates?Your help is appreciated please.
Posted By : Gregory
Insurance for motorcycles are rleetivaly inexpensive until you start adding comprehensive and collision to your policy. I would not have just straight liability without the full coverage. Mine runs me $ 300 a year for full coverage on a Harley Electra Glide with five times the protection of what is required by my state.
Posted By : Amanda
Good one.
Posted By : Imran Khalid

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